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A4V, AFV, Accepted For Value

Remedy and Recourse For The Flailing Financial System

This is a copy of an Accepted For Value / Security (containing my Autograph) / a true Negotiable Instrument, which I left at Staples.  When I attempted to pay with a check, drawn on a newly opened bank account, they dishonored my offer.  So because I had spent over 2 hours shopping for necessities, and my time is money, I asked them to hold my merchandise until the next day.  I then used the 'Hold Transaction' as an offer an used the A4V-Accepted For Value endorsement to issue payment, as opposed to using Federal Reserve Notes.  

I gave Andrea the manager of this particular Staples several documents from the Redemption Manual, which I refer to as a PIP (Public Information Package), along with a lengthy PEP talk  (Public Education Process) .  I use this protocol as a tool to educate the employees, agents, and officers of the public corporations, the banks, any commercial entities which I have been and may continue to conduct business with in the future.  This is also done in preparation for the new financial system - DEBT FORGIVENESS! As it should have been all along, since 1933.

The PIP and the PEP talk will come to server as PUBLIC NOTICE as to how and why I will be conducting business with them, in what manner, and under what terms.  

The PIP is not limited to, or inclusive of all documentation I may use, as the situations vary.  For this situation I did include the following (look on My Blog page called PIP) :  
  • Executive Order of April 5, 1933 
  • The Promissory Note To Pay Our Debts
  • House Joint Resolution HJR-192 
  • Pre-Paid
Andrea went to the back office never to return.  I would like to believe that after my PIP and PEP talk with her, that she went home and did a bit of research.  So as she never returned, I then gave the A4V to one of the Staples' Clerks.  I documented this transaction by taking these photos as well as (2) videos of the Staples Clerk holding the A4V of the same transaction.   This was on March 2, 2012.   

I left my merchandise along with my security instrument, which is a negotiable instrument and evidence of my interest in merchandise being held with the store. 
I have been busy with other processes for the moment, however; I will get my merchandise, as they are holding a security interest of mine.   Very soon I will proceed and I will update this progress.  So stay tuned.

My intention is to call the Staples were I made my purchase and remind her that she is holding security interests of Mine, to pump her for information about My transaction and to see if she has made any progress with the corporate office.   Prepping the soil and tending the seeds. 

She is aware that I have a Copyright, as I did mention this, NOTICE, while I spoke with her initially.  She is aware that because I am an individual rather than a corporation, and due to the fact that I am not a Federal Employee and prefer not to use Federal Reserved Notes (promissory notes), that I will be seeking the remedies and recourse as outlined by the UCC Uniform Commercial Code.  Which is created with the principles of Common Law, the Law of the Land, GODS Law.

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